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The stirrup wood has been darkened to bring out the wood grain and then varnished with a black and pink finish.

  • The Leveler replaces the roller in a stirrup’s throat and levels the otherwise tilted stirrup. A patented pivot pin is the problem solver that insures the stirrup remains level with your foot at all times.
  • Leveled stirrups then float with your foot and conform to the way you ride.
  • The body is now in better alignment, reducing ankle and knee pain.
  • A balanced and level ride sets the boot flat on the tread reducing the chance of losing a stirrup.
  • Stirrups now easily move forward and backwards as well as side-to-side.
  • Besides softening the ride and enhancing the rider’s ability to perform smoother, sitting easily in the saddle also benefits the horse.

Nettles Stirrups won’t rub the side of your foot and leave tale-tell signs.

Nettles Stirrups has an innovative design specifically formulated to eliminate side foot pressure.

The use of lamination and Nettles Stirrups’ unique building process helps eliminate foot fatigue and foot ache.

Those same quality products, along with the right size stirrup for the foot and coupled with superb craftsmanship eliminates the discomfort often caused by a stirrup’s throat pressure against your shins.

That Nettles unique structure, developed by a trainer who sits in the saddle day after day helps the rider sit firmly in the saddle and maintain balance.

  • The best quality oak logs are the basic wood used, making them stronger and hence, safer. There are no veneers or soft woods used in the Nettles building process.
    • Nettles Stirrups are built double-tough to help you withstand the ravages of some of the rowdiest wrecks. Should, however, a horse fall hard, the stirrup can break, freeing you from the saddle.