Martha Josey O-Ring Combo Bit

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Reinsman Martha Josey O-Ring Combination Bit is a designed to work with horses in all stages of barrel racing, training and competition and is a favorite of many timed event riders because it is a proven winner. This bit features a mullen mouthpiece with copper wrapping at the bars in combination with a rope noseband and is ideal to get the horse to round out a turn. The stops on the shanks help the mouthpiece stay in place while the rider receives just the right amount of gag action. Stage B bits introduce leverage and curb pressure and are ideal for horses transitioning from direct rein to neck rein.

Product Details:

  • 5" Mullen mouth with copper wrapping
  • 3 ¼" Rings
  • Stage B
  • Martha Josey 3/8" O-Ring Combination Bit