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CORTA-FLX U-GARD Pellets Field trials show that U-GARD from CORTA-FLX is highly effective in helping gastric ulcers that may be caused by the stress of training, competition, stall confinement, and diets high in carbohydrates. Contains Calcium and Magnesium, which aid in acid reduction Clinically proven to be effective in helping decrease the severity of gastric ulcers Pellet form Guaranteed Analysis: Calcium, Min. - 2.5% Calcium, Max. - 3.5% Magnesium, Min. - 3.5% Feeding Directions: For an average 1,100 lb. (500kg) horse, feed 1 oz. (28g) twice daily with the horse's regular feed or mix with a small amount of water and give orally. Prior to training or event, give an additional 1 oz. (28g). Feed others according to body weight, less for smaller horses, ponies and foals, more for larger breeds. 1 oz. measure enclosed in container.